Carnivorous plants and more

About a year and a half ago, I started growing carnivorous plants indoors. More on that adventure can be found here.

After we moved to a new home, I rethought my strategy. Repotting seemed like a good idea, but growing indoors no longer worked so well: I got in some real trouble with houseplant pests. No doubt growing indoors was at the root of the problem. So, outdoors they went. That has led to a remarkable recovery, as shown in these pictures.


Sarracenia Leucophylla (left) and Sarracenia Barba. Marvellous recovery after the pest incident. Especially the Leucophylla is thriving at the moment. Those large beakers are about 25 cm (10 inches) long!


Drosera Capensis, in bloom!



Drosera, probably Aliciae. Afflicted by the pest, I cut them all the way back to ground level. Watch their recovery: clean and healthy plants.


Live sphagnum! Growing slowly but steadily.

Nepenthes Alata

There is, however, one exception: my original Nepenthes Alata. This one is doing particularly well on its spot by the window. Those beakers are about 8 cm (3 inches) long at the moment. Every new beaker will grow larger than the previous one.


A Church with a Secret

In the Netherlands, there’s a church with quite a story to tell. It harbours a couple of genuine mummies in an underground tomb. Highly recommended for history enthousiasts, as well as for those with a ‘taste for the macabre’. More on this subject: here.

The tour guide politely asked me not to take pictures of the mummies. So, instead, a showcase of iPhone 5S’s take on HDR.

Upgrading your Meade ETX focus for $0.01

Focussing your Meade ETX90 can be a bit of a drag, especially when using high magnifications. That’s not a design flaw, it’s just the trade off for an affordable package. This is how I fixed it. I took an ordinary clothespin/clothes-peg and reshaped it with a Dremel Power Tool. It took me about ten minutes to get it right. Modification is not necessary, but if you do it you will be rewarded with far more free movement. With the modified clothespin, vibration-free focussing works like a breeze. Give it a try!



Unexpected view

Great view on part of the Hofjes van Nieuwkoop buildings, as seen from MCH.


And then, suddenly, you loose your job

I just lost my job, after having worked for 23 years for the same company. On the bright side: more time to put an effort into making pictures 😉

Slow summer, great skies

It’s a slow summer in Holland. The temperatures ar way below the averages. But, on the bright side, the evening skies are magnificent. Frankly, it makes our place much more comfortable, too. Hot summers lead to room temperatures around 30 deg C. Almost unbearable.


Total a-symmetry, love it!

That’s what I am talking about, the total lack of symmetry 🙂


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